Crossrail West Outer Electrification

Crossrail West Outer Electrification

Construction CRE for earthing and bonding

Between 2017-2018, BTS Group were responsible for earthing and bonding works with key project features including:

  • Led by the Principal Director of BTS Group, a certified CRE, evaluated and authorised by Network Rail.
  • Design compliance and appropriate part usage.
  • System sign off upon correct completion.
  • Management of onsite teams.
  • Regular on-site inspection.
  • Investigation of project challenges and offering resolutions for immediate implementation.
  • Provision of quality assurance and quality records for Traction Bonding, Signal Bonding, Extraneous Bonding, Sub-station bonding, Fence line bonding and GRP insulated panels.

Established in 2015, BTS Group  provides construction and design engineering services to the railway electrification industry.

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