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Our Service Propositions

Whether you need a complete engineering project management or intervention in specific parts of a project, we will work with you to maximise support services where and when you need it.

BTS Group Mission: Provide high quality and expert support for railway construction organisations to deliver projects on-time and in budget.

BTS Group Promise: Offer Engineering Expertise; Experienced Applications; Personalised and Client Focused Communications; Commitment to quality project management.

Construction and Design Engineering Services

  • Project management: From early design processes, specific aspects of a project or complete project fulfilment from start to finish.
  • Consultative and hands-on involvement: guiding a design project to meet its objectives with ease.
  • Budgetary control: ensuring proposed designs are cost-effective and in budget.
  • Comprehensive communication: Providing defined yet simplified information for site teams.
  • Multi-level communications: Clear verbal and written communication directed to internal or external audiences, encouraging a team approach, working efficiently towards one goal.

Service Specialisms

Do you need a specific area of expertise? BTS has a range of core skills to offer clients…

  • Construction CRE – Earthing and Bonding (including extraneous, traction, signalling, AT sites and PSP sites)
  • Engineering management: OLE and traction & non-traction power systems
  • Quality assurance: Form E, QCS, ITP
  • Site supervision of bonding and lineside construction teams
  • Supplier management
  • Site surveys
  • Red-lines and As-builts
  • Failure investigation

Rail Electrification Services:

Our experienced team can offer a core range of electrical engineering services including…

  • Furrer and Frey Series 1 OLE
  • Earthing and Bonding
  • Fence line modification due to electrification
  • Electrification testing
  • Line side civils
  • HV traction power
  • HV non-traction power
  • Classic and AT Electrification

Rail construction client service package

Whatever the specialism, BTS Group offer a standard client promise with all project work.

  • Experienced knowledge of construction and management of railway earthing and bonding.
  • Multi-discipline integration: supporting larger projects by connecting numerous disciplines such as electrical simulations, design, EMC, CAD, power studies, civil engineering and traction power.
  • On-site management services: BTS Group staff to manage construction teams on site and create official project documentation to support sign off and handover processes.
  • Accurate first-time delivery: achieved by interactive partnerships with clients and principal contractors, working together to provide construction and design services.
  • Highly qualified and experienced teams integrated into projects to implement compliancy on designs – all within budget.
  • Personable and professional management team: hands-on approach to ensure a dedicated and expertly managed project.

Contact BTS Group to put our services into practice within your project.

Established in 2015, BTS Group  provides construction and design engineering services to the railway electrification industry.

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