Management Team

Matt Bowey, BEng (Hons), MSc, CEng, MIET

Principal Director

CRE, Engineering and Design Management, site supervision, design liaison, site surveys.

Previous industry roles:
Construction CRE – Earthing and Bonding
Design Manager – Series 1 Electrification
Deputy CEM – Series 1 Electrification
Engineering Manager – HV Power

With over 25 years engineering experience in electric power and approved as a CRE by Network Rail, Matt has dedicated his career to design and construction roles. With a diverse background working client side and as a principal contractor delivering new electrified railway projects, Matt provides highly skilled engineering expertise and in-depth insight of the rail electrification industry.

PTS (AC/DCCR), OLEC1, ICI, ATC TSA, 17th Edition, CSCS

Areas of expertise:
Traction bonding, extraneous bonding, signal bonding, composite bonding, fence line bonding and GRP fencing, traction and non-traction power.

Tel: 07894 551427

Paula Bowey, BSc, MSc

BTS Quality Manager

Quality documentation, Construction planning and management, Supplier engagement.

Paula has a background in senior academia with a specialism in Mathematics. With extensive management experience, Paula has transferred her analytical skills and attention to detail into her role as Quality and Construction Manager at BTS Group. Paula’s wealth of knowledge, organisation and personable skills are now focused on quality management and construction planning associated with railway electrification.


Areas of expertise:
Traction bonding, Extraneous bonding, Signal bonding, Composite bonding, Fence line bonding and GRP fencing.

Established in 2015, BTS Group  provides construction and design engineering services to the railway electrification industry.

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Tel:  07894 551427

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